Expand your leadership capabilities and become a transformational leader

Navigate in today's dynamic business landscape

Our leadership development programs foster inner development so that you reach your true leadership presence and potential. Our proven path working with vertical development grows your leadership capacity and help you navigate in today's dynamic business landscape, trough: 

  • Self-Awareness:¬†Discover your unique leadership style, strengths, and areas for development.
  • Adaptive Leadership:¬†Learn how to adapt to the ever-changing business environment, making confident decisions and inspiring your team to co-create.
  • Resilience:¬†Build the mental and emotional resilience needed to lead during challenging times, emerging stronger and more confident.
  • Collaborative Leadership:¬†Foster a culture of collaboration, continuos learning, co-creation and innovation within your organization, empowering your team to flourish.

Vertical Leadership 


With the coaching you get from Wholly you will experience immense growth of your leadership capabilities and become a courageous, caring and visionary leader, equipped for the challenges that the future has to offer.

Depending on how far you have reached in your vertical development so far, you can expect to grow:

  • Problem solving,¬†systems- and¬†complex thinking
  • Visionary leadership¬†and¬†ethical leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring, empathy and perspective-taking
  • Conflict resolution and facilitation, inclusivity and diversity
  • Resilience and agility, self-awareness, self-regulation and adaptive leadership

Get prepared to reach your leadership potential!

Vertical Executive 


As an executive leader, you know that the world is constantly changing and a new leadership paradigm is emerging. That's why our Executive Coaching program focuses on vertical leadership development where you grow as a wise, systemic leader with the ability to:

  • Transcend complexity¬†and lead collaborative transformation.
  • Adapt and innovate¬†to stay relevant in the long term and be radically agile.
  • Design your relationships consciously,¬†become aware of your impact on the bigger picture, and coach others to do the same.

With our coaching, you'll develop Purposeful Strategic Leadership, resolve your inner shadow, master Systemic Team Dynamics, and evolve your organizational culture, enabling you to keep up with the pace of change.

Jessica Löwenhielm, founder of Wholly

Supporting your organization, we bringing you extensive experience from transformational programs and engagements. My own experience is a combined experience having worked 15 years as a leader in international and Nordic organizations (FMCG, Banking/Insurance, Media and Education), and spent a decade dedicated to leading transformational processes. 

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