Wholly is founded by Jessica Löwenhielm and backed by a powerful community of vibrant and wise leaders and consultants ready to support you with your organization, your leadership and your life.

Wholly Means Fully and Entirely

Companions for Leadership

Having accompanied top leaders and organizations globally for decades, Companions for leadership gets involved with our bigger engagements, with global corporations, as well as private companies and governments. Designing and delivering complex individual, and team culture transformation work (reaching up to 150,000 people) is possible with our partnership, providing presence in 25 countries and over 100 leadership companions.

Sandra Ahnkron

Innovation consultant and workshop leader working with organizational change, business excellence and consciousness development. Past 15 years she has been building tech companies and startups, digit-physical services and improving R&D departments. Sandra is an agile ninja in terms of transforming organizations, illuminating the way to clear visions, focus, collaborative synergy, wise leadership, solid partnerships and accountability leading to better and faster value creation.

Jessica Löwenhielm

International facilitator and coach who works dedicatedly with consciousness development and delivers exceptional transformative development programs. After 15 years as a leader in international and Nordic organizations (FMCG, Banking/Insurance, Media and Education), Jessica devotes herself wholeheartedly to her calling, to empower individuals and leaders to develop from the inside out and integrate the greater whole of their potential, bigger mind, open heart and spirit in action.

The Backstory

“After climbing the career ladder for 15 years as a manager in national and international organizations, I came to the realization that I had lost myself along the way. Why did we have values that we didn't live by? Why couldn't I lead or be led in a way that felt humanly sustainable? And WHY did I meet so many people who felt the same way? I needed and wanted to change this! So, I shifted my attention and sought out to deeply understand the human patterns of psychological development and its relationship to the way we lead and organize. Along the way I have met incredible colleagues and clients. I have been honored to help uplift people's lives, elevate leadership and change business so that we all flourish and co-create better companies, and a better world.” 

/ Jessica Löwenhielm, founder of Wholly

We reignite vertical development

With breakthrough research in developmental psychology, ancient wisdom, presence and an unraveled belief in everyone's innate power. Transformational change is what we offer individuals, leaders and organizations who are ready to go beyond traditional training and expand their mindset with an interactive method that integrates learnings into all areas of life. Together with our clients and community, we create a vibrant, wise future, for generations to join.

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