Coaching Is The Universal Language of Inner Growth, Learning and Change.


Coaching with Jessica Löwenhielm


My coaching programs are designed to help you become the best version of yourself, whether you're an individual, executive leader, or team.

"Coaching is the ultimate method for personal & professional development. It is a journey that will change your life forever."

Together, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, leadership & consciousness development, empowerment that transforms your life and leadership.


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Individual Coaching

Do you want to become the best version of yourself?

My Individual Coaching program will help you expand who you already are and unleash your full potential. You'll experience greater clarity and focus on what matters most to you, increased confidence and resilience in the face of challenges, improved communication and relationships with others, greater fulfillment and meaning in your personal and professional life, and an enhanced sense of purpose and direction. You will wake up to the possibilities around you, grow in emotional and psychological maturity, and uplift your life experience as a whole.

Embark on this life-changing journey with me and discover your true self.

Executive Coaching

As an executive leader, you know that the world is constantly changing and a new leadership paradigm is emerging.

That's why our Executive Coaching program focuses on vertical leadership development, empowering you to become a wise, systemic leader who transcends complexity and leads collaborative transformation. With our coaching, you'll develop Purposeful Strategic Leadership, resolve your inner shadow, master Systemic Team Dynamics, and evolve your organizational Culture.

You'll be able to adapt and innovate to stay relevant in the long term and be radically agile to keep up with the pace of change.

Join me on this transformative journey, and become the best leader you can be.

Team & Organizational Coaching

In today's interconnected world, relationships are everything.

My Team & Organizational Coaching is based on Relationship Systems Intelligence, a powerful coaching model that combines systems thinking with coaching. You'll learn to design your relationships consciously, become aware of your impact on the bigger picture, and coach others to do the same.

Our methodology is an innovative and powerful approach that can be applied to any interdependent group of people, sharing a common identity or function. Everything is interconnected, and we must work together to achieve our goals.

Join us on this journey, and unleash the power of your team and organization.

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Kadi Upmark

Tack för att du guidar mig i min kraftfulla och expansiva resa. Från klarhet till klarhet full av kärlek och ödmjukhet. Tack.

Önskar att fler och fler vågar öppna upp sina sinnen och söker sig till en djupare holistisk utveckling.

Världen behöver dig Jessica Löwenhielm och likasinnade som kan guida oss till bättre ledare och till en mer kraftfull utveckling i våra respektive verksamheter.

Antoinette Braks

Jessica is a wonderful person, with a tremendous capacity to understand and heal self and others.

Jessica brings her soul to her coaching and personal self-awareness, and shines the light on shadow to free us from the past.

Together with her strategic corporate experience and strong business acumen and, most importantly, her later stage perspective, she brings a deeply felt consciousness and commercial insight to her transformative work in leadership development and enterprise evolution.

Chris McCann

I was frustrated and knew I needed to change some fundamental patterns in my life. Through our sessions, she encouraged me to shift perspectives, understand my values and focus on the outline of a fulfilling life.

As a person I found Jessica inspirational, challenging, alive, and most of all, dedicated to helping me reach where I wanted to go.

If you are even the slightest bit interested in coaching I can’t recommend Jessica enough.